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I was referred to you after my daughter’s school identified her with head lice. With your help, she was treated at your beautiful Oakville clinic, and she was back in school the next morning after passing the inspection. Thank you to The Lice Crew for making this process quick and easy, and for taking the time to explain everything I needed to know – including what to do in my home.

Faith S.

Company : – Oakville

We are so happy that we came to Nit Works/The Lice Crew. You have a great set up and our kids really enjoyed passing the time with snacks and movies. You made it fun for us all which is difficult to do in such a stressful situation. We appreciate all of your help and assistance both over the phone and in person. What a great service!

Naomi M.

Company : – Toronto

We are so glad that we finally found a solution to our head lice nightmare. Your kindness, passion and caring made this stressful situation much easier to handle. So happy to have you in the community.

Jane F.

Company : – Toronto

We cannot thank you enough for the help with our family’s headlice. Our girls were all infested from camp and you taught us so much about this problem so that we can avoid headlice in our home in the future. We are very happy customers that highly recommend your clinic.

Tom M.

Company : – Thornhill

You ladies are amazing. Great service, great space and great results. Thank you for making our head lice dilemma so easy to fix.

Tammy P.

Company : – Whitby

I had a great experience at The Lice Crew and have recommended your services to family and friends. You said it works and it did. Thanks to your terrific team for all of their hard work.

Lucy M.

Company : – Etobicoke


Thank you to the staff at The Lice Crew for your friendly and efficient service. Our students felt very comfortable, and are asking when you will be back again. Having three checks a year has really minimized the amount of lice cases in our centre.

Bella S.

Company : – The Kinder Connection

The Lice Crew, in partnership with Nit Works, always goes above the call of duty. We switched from our former company almost two years ago, and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Courtney B.

Company : – Forest Hill Public School

We appreciate you taking the time to educate us on lice and offering to attend one of our parent council meetings to host a seminar on lice.

Kendra A.

Company : – Summit Heights Public School

It is really quite amazing that a company associated with what is commonly considered a menace has managed to make their way into the hearts of our students and teachers. It is a true testament to their skill and compassion.

Esther G.

Company : – Cedarvale Community School

We went from having a chronic lice problem to having no lice at our recent screening this past month.

Denise C.

Company : – Cottingham Public School

The team is on time, friendly, and respectful to the staff and students.

Heather S.

Company : – Eitz Chaim Schools


Nit Works/The Lice Crew staff were on time, efficient and were very good at reporting each camper case. This allowed us to know exactly if the case was mild or severe, how many comb outs the camper required as follow-up and it enabled us to provide this information to parents. We were very happy with Nit Works service and professionalism and look forward to using them again in 2016!

Kim G.

Company : – Associate Director of Development, Glen Bernard Camp

Nit Works/The Lice Crew has become very well known in the Toronto and Thornhill community. Nit Works partners with camps and provides a $10.00 Coupon toward a lice check prior to camp. We thought this was very successful, the parent community loved it and it ultimately continued to promote the checks, education and treatment for the community.

Ellen H.

Company : – Director/Owner, Camp Tamarack

In the past two years we have worked together, I have been thoroughly pleased with all levels of your service. From our correspondence and planning in the Spring time, right up to your most recent visit at Tamakwa in August, everything has gone as smoothly as possible.

Margot P.

Company : – Director, Camp Tamakwa

Nit Works/The Lice Crew has a conveniently located clinic minutes from Score Day Camp. Anytime we have referred campers and their families to the clinic, they have come back free of head lice and are always thrilled with the service, pricing and professionalism that they received. Their technicians are friendly, knowledgable and wonderful with children. Lice Screenings conducted by them are always done in a thorough but timely fashion. We look forward to on-going partnership with Nit Works/The Lice Crew.

Jeff K.

Company : – Director/Owner, Score Day Camp
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