Faith S.

I was referred to you after my daughter’s school identified her with head lice. With your help, she was treated at your beautiful Oakville clinic, and she was back in school the next morning after passing the inspection. Thank you to The Lice Crew for making this process quick and easy, and for taking the time to explain everything I needed to know – including what to do in my home.

Naomi M.

We are so happy that we came to Nit Works/The Lice Crew. You have a great set up and our kids really enjoyed passing the time with snacks and movies. You made it fun for us all which is difficult to do in such a stressful situation. We appreciate all of your help and assistance both over the phone and in person. What a great service!

Jane F.

We are so glad that we finally found a solution to our head lice nightmare. Your kindness, passion and caring made this stressful situation much easier to handle. So happy to have you in the community.

Tom M.

We cannot thank you enough for the help with our family’s headlice. Our girls were all infested from camp and you taught us so much about this problem so that we can avoid headlice in our home in the future. We are very happy customers that highly recommend your clinic.