Summer is (finally!) here, and just like everyone else, we are looking forward to spending time with family and friends. But, with so people travelling, children going to camp, having sleepovers, attending sporting events, and playing with new friends at the park, there is always spike in number of reported head lice cases at this time of year.

While being in close proximity with others during the summer months is unavoidable, there are some preventive measures that The Lice Crew recommends every family to take:

● Purchase a head lice prevention kit to minimize your risk, and we especially recommend sending a prevention spray with those children attending overnight camp;

● Tie long hair back or in a braid whenever children are playing in close quarters, to make it more difficult for lice to transfer;

● Teach children to not share personal belongings & accessories, whenever possible;

● Schedule a professional head lice screening before and after overnight camp to ensure your child is lice free, and stop the potential spread from one sibling to another;

● After treating a case of head lice, tell those around you, so they can also be screened, allowing you to avoid a future re-infestation.

You wouldn’t leave the house in the summer before applying sunscreen or bug spray, and it is just as important to remember to use a daily head lice prevention spray.