Why do you need a Lice Removal Minneapolis?

Having hair lice is a sign of poor personal hygiene, which can lead to smelly hair and unhealthy scalp. While most people do their best to prevent lice, sometimes it becomes too late for one to realize that she has already contracted lice. Before it gets worse, here are some signs that you might have lice already.

  • Your head is very itchy such as that there are things moving around it, just beneath the roots of your hair.
  • There are few or several sores in your head that are both itchy and painful at the same time. Sores are usually cause by infection because of too many lice or from a small wound caused by scratching.
  • You experience difficulty in sleeping because of a heavy head feeling. Lice can also itch severely at night causing you to involuntarily scratch your head.
  • Your hair is smelly no matter how you put shampoo on your head and they feel sticky.
  • You can notice some red bumps on your head, at the back of your neck or other parts of your body where your hair can touch.

Super Itchy Head Lice: How Do You Get Them?

Lice are very common among children and they can get them just anywhere.  For example, if one of your daughter’s classmates have head lice and they happen to be seatmates in class, there is at least 80 percent possibility that your daughter can also get them.

A single louse can multiply into hundreds of lice in just one minute and in a matter of three days, your daughter can start feeling the symptoms of lice. In truth, there are many other ways a person can get lice that oftentimes we fail to notice. The sad fact is that not only children can get it but adult individuals are also very prone to lice when exposed to them.

Borrowing of hats, scarves, and helmets are common grounds in contracting lice among adults. Men can get also get lice from borrowing caps or not washing caps. Women may also contract lice from borrowing combs. Lice can also stick into ties, scrunches, hair pins and barrettes so if you are not sure whether the person you have borrowed them have lies, better buy your own personal belonging.

Lice may be also contracted by exposing yourself too much under the sun. Athletic people who always play outdoors are very prone to lies as their head develop sweat and rashes, which entice lice to live on the hair.

How a Professional Lies Removal Service Can Help You

Going to a professional lice removal service Minneapolis can help you better than you think. Oftentimes, when we do lice removal ourselves, we are not 100 percent sure that the nits are included. Even if the mother lies are removed, these nits could break in a matter of seconds thereby producing new lice. The symptoms can repeat over and over again, which makes very irritating. So here are the ways on how a professional lice removal service can help you.

  • Lice crews provide home service to make your treatment in private. At the convenience of your own home, these professionals can administer lice removal shampoo on your hair and professionally wash it well, in a way that your scalp does not get infected.
  • Professionals will observed correct duration of house over which the medicine will remain in your head, so you will not get allergic reaction. After the treatment, manual removal of nits will also be administered to make sure that your hair is completely cleaned.
  • The rest of the members of your family will also get checked for possible lice. Considering that lice can be very contagious, professional lice crew in Minneapolis will not give any chance for lice to keep coming back.

Lice removal Minneapolis provides professional service to satisfy your needs. If you are experiencing several symptoms of having lice such as mentioned above, don’t wait for the day when it becomes too late. Call a professional today and save your family.


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