Halifax gets clinic to treat head lice

Have a head lice problem? Now you need look no farther than Halifax.

Toronto-based company The Lice Crew announced the grand opening of Atlantic Canada’s first clinic for tackling drug-resistant and regular strains of the bug on Wednesday.

The Halifax location of The Lice Crew has opened at Willow Tree Corner at 6009 Quinpool Rd., in Suite 202.

A range of services are offered at the clinic from head lice screening costing about $20 to $25 to in-home or mobile lice removal treatment for $80 per hour with a one hour minimum. The in-clinic removal service costs $75 per hour, but until Sept. 30 the treatment is costing a flat rate of $50. There are also school screenings for $1.50 per child.

Sisters Stacey Silverstein and Andrea Hecht opened their first clinic in Toronto in 2012 to provide a solution to a new strain of lice called “Super Lice.” This strain, according to a news release, is resistant to the over-the-counter treatment products often found in pharmacies.

The clinic uses all-natural and non-toxic products and provides a 30-day lice-free guarantee.

Responding to high demand, the sisters opened a second clinic and eventually teamed up with Canadian hair salon and spa company Beauty Express to open clinics throughout Canada and the U.S.

Tammy MacMillan, district manager of the Halifax location, said in the release the new shop will provide help to people across Atlantic Canada.

“We are excited to be a part of this great community and look forward to making the lice prevention and treatment process safe, educational, stress-free and fun to all in the East Coast,” said MacMillan.

Silverstein said clinics like the new one in Halifax are needed because head lice can happen to anyone.

“Head lice do not discriminate and everyone is at risk,” said Silverstein in the release.

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