Say no to travel fees


More cost effective, as you are not charged any travel fees.

Your treatment will be quicker, as there are multiple technicians available to treat your friends and family all at the same time. This saves you money and time, allowing you return to your normal life as quickly as possible.

A state of the art clinic environment with professional salon chairs offers clients an experience that is comfortable and enjoyable, and there is no worrying about having to find a suitable space in your home.

A clinic has enhanced lighting and use of professional magnification equipment that is very important to the treatment process, allowing for optimal results.

Multiple technicians are available to look at every client’s head during the screening and treatment process providing increased quality control.

Appointments always on time in a clinic, as technicians are not getting stuck in traffic, running behind schedule or getting lost when travelling to your home.

Receiving a lice screening and removal treatment in clinic is fun for all ages alike – we are pleased to offer WIFI, child friendly snacks, movies, toys & games, and more.

Children are more attentive in a clinic, as they do not have the distractions that are available at home, allowing for more efficient treatments.

We take care of all the preparation and clean up, so there is no mess in your home.

Should it be more convenient for you, or it is your preference to book an in-home mobile appointment, we are happy to work with your schedule. Please contact your local clinic to find out more about this service.

Clinic VS Mobile