Lice removal Ellicott City

MAX Rate $125 (complete service)

We are half the price of competitors in your area with a 100% lice free guarantee for 30 days.
*Rates start at $80 per hour

Clinic Details

3459 St. Johns Lane, Suite 7
Ellicott City, Maryland 21042
Tel: 410-461-5423



Open 7 days/week, by appointment.
*Extended hours and holiday rates available, specialty rates may apply – call to learn more!

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Head Lice Screening $25
*Fee is waived if head lice is detected, and an in-clinic treatment is performed
Head Lice Removal Mini-Treatment $79.95
Head Lice Removal Treatment $100/per hour
*1 hour minimum; following this we bill in 15 minute increments



Head Lice Removal Treatment $125/hour
*1 hour minimum; following this we bill in 15 minute increments
*Travel rates may apply



The staff was amazing with my entire family, especially my 6 yr old and 3 yr old! My girls ask me all the time when they can go back!!! Also Stacy helped with more educational information that I was able to pass onto the school nurse. Thanks again!!!
Jacqueline Parsons
Jacqueline Parsons
01:32 26 May 17
I am a teacher and got lice from my kids a few weeks before my wedding! TLC were awesome! They got rid of everything, gave me piece of mind and the experience was very comfortable.
Anna Gifford
Anna Gifford
21:12 31 May 17
I was freaking and feeling sick to my stomach when I found out that my daughter had lice. We found the Lice Crew that was open Sunday's. Come to find out that I also had nits. The gals were great and very informative. They told me exactly what was going on and what needed to be done. They calmed my nerves. My 3 year surprisingly sat still for the whole treatment. Prices were affordable for my daughter and I after treatment and supplies.
Lindy Neikirk
Lindy Neikirk
23:33 03 Apr 17
They got the job done they promised to do! We haven't had lice since visiting this place. They were flexible with our crazy young family's schedule, had great appreciation for and acceptance of our toddlers who were energetic wanting to roam all around. They have great kids movies to play while waiting. Most importantly, they do a great job. It's a little hard to find and you may feel a bit uneasy approaching the building, but the people are great, they do great work and it's reasonable!
Zach Marino
Zach Marino
19:29 02 Feb 17
Great service! We are so thankful for this group of ladies who were ever so patient in helping treat our family of four. It's never fun to have to go into a lice clinic but the gal who helped us was so patient and informative. We are ever so appreciative for their service and their accommodating schedule on a Sunday! Products smelt wonderful to the nose and learning that they were natural were a plus! Thank you Lice Crew!
Lisa Yang
Lisa Yang
23:38 13 Mar 17