As the largest professional organization of lice removal experts, our technicians are trained to detect head lice quickly, effectively, and make the screening process educational, safe, stress-free and fun! To help ensure that your school is lice-free, contact The Lice Crew today!

About our crew

  • Largest professional organization
  • Convenient clinic locations
  • Private treatment rooms
  • Home visits available
  • Same day service, and extended hours
  • Insured and police screened technicians
  • Shepherd Institute certified
  • 100% lice free, 30 day guarantee
  • Pesticide-free, all natural based products
  • Free education and prevention techniques
  • Professional, top notch customer service
  • Family discount vouchers available
  • Use of magnification equipment
  • Individual disposable screening sticks
  • Free teacher screenings
  • Minimal classroom disruption during school checks



Reviews About Our Crew

The Lice Crew, in partnership with Nit Works, always goes above the call of duty. We switched from our former company almost two years ago, and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made.
Courtney B.
-Forest Hill Public School
It is really quite amazing that a company associated with what is commonly considered a menace has managed to make their way into the hearts of our students and teachers. It is a true testament to their skill and compassion.
Esther G.
-Cedarvale Community School
We appreciate TLC taking the time to educate us on lice and offering to attend one of our parent council meetings to host a seminar on lice.
Kendra A.
-Summit Heights Public School
We went from having a chronic lice problem
to having no lice at our recent screening this
past month.
Denise C.
-Cottingham Public School
Thank you to the staff at The Lice Crew for their friendly and efficient service. Your staff are wonderful with young children and you make the checks so much fun.
Bella S.
-The Kinder Connection
The team is on time, friendly, and respectful to the staff and students.
Heather S.
-Eitz Chaim Schools