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Tips To Avoid Head Lice This March Break

What Every Family Needs To Know

March Break is arriving soon, and everyone is looking forward to spending a fun-filled week with family and friends. With so many children together in close quarters going to camps, sleepovers, playing dress up and sharing accessories, there are always spikes in the number of reported head lice cases at this time of year.

The most common way to get head lice is by direct head to head contact with an individual who has it. It is also important to note that only 50% of people with head lice show commons symptoms, such as scratching or irritations, so it is very possible to be infested and not know, which makes it easy for it to go unnoticed and allow for the opportunity to spread to others quickly.

While being in close proximity with others during March Break is unavoidable, there are some preventive measures that The Lice Crew recommends every family to take:

” Use a head lice prevention spray daily
” Tie long hair back to make it more difficult for lice to transfer
” Avoid sharing personal belongings
” Perform weekly head lice screenings to increase your chances of early detection

Common Symptoms of Head Lice
” Persistent itchiness and scratching of the scalp;
” Rash behind the ears and at the nape of the neck, resembling an allergic reaction;
” Tickling feeling in the hair;
” Nits (lice eggs) located approximately 1-2 inches from the scalp that stick to the hair shaft;
” Difficulties sleeping, as lice are most active at night.
What Do Head Lice Look Like?
” Viable Nits (tiny lice eggs) are white or light brown in colour;
” Non-viable nits (casings) are clear in colour;
” Adult head lice and immature lice (nymphs) vary in size from 1-4 mm

Many parents panic when they find head lice in their child’s hair and often their immediate reaction is to go to the pharmacy to purchase an over the counter product, but there are several risks associated with this option. Along with containing pesticides and chemicals, pharmacy products are often misused and overused. In addition, super lice has made the lice removal treatment process very complex. These bugs have genetically mutated to become resistant to the active ingredients in some pharmacy lice treatment products. They do not look any different from regular lice, but are identified by their resistance to traditional lice treatments. A more natural approach to head lice removal with the help of a lice expert is the best way to help prevent future outbreaks and infestations. Feel free to give us a call or book online to secure a same day appointment, with 100% lice-free, 30 day guaranteed results.